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1925 Daum Nancy Chandelier Pins Wrought Iron And Pte Glass Art Deco

1925 Daum Nancy Chandelier Pins Wrought Iron And Pte Glass Art Deco

1925 Daum Nancy Chandelier Pins Wrought Iron And Pte Glass Art Deco   1925 Daum Nancy Chandelier Pins Wrought Iron And Pte Glass Art Deco

Art Nouveau - Art Deco - decoration - design - vintage. House neo modern specialist in decorative arts of the twentieth century offers a monthly selection of objects, lighting and furniture. Add us to your favorites, subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about our availability and new. Wrought iron and \L Ustre wrought iron and glass called \Frame: width and depth to cover bail 26 x 19 cm. Glassware: height 13 cm, diameter 39.5 cm at the edge, the circumference edge 124 cm.

Total weight: 11.900 kilograms. The mount Ourde engineered very thick wrought iron flat square and round, streaked and organic hammering, enhanced brownish patina and polished, driven in a wide decor openwork frieze depicting branches softwood provided with thorns and cones (apples) pine. Wide cover bail curved rectangular, four channels amounts (in the shortening), refer to the top attachment and bottom of the assembly system, and circular panière quadrangular board, see: wireline passages, as well as the support sleeve (removable) and its socket.

V erreries thick glass called \Sectional shape (bowl) not pierced truss rumen and retaining rim. C oloration powdered opacified-speckled and degraded from top to bottom on doubled translucent colorless: cobalt-blue stained bordeaux-lees of wine orange-tango. S IGNATURE usual stick intaglio engraved wheel on the top middle of the body of the glassware: Daum Nancy, unsigned frame. R eference signature Daum Nancy volume iii written and edited by katharina Büttiker page 176.

I n good used condition, scratches and bites wear usual small shocks wrought iron and the patina of the frame (not too visible, see pictures ), micro-scales standard micro égrenures contact points glassware (not visible because in the frame, see photos), not electrified. N oter the many details on the twenty-four pictures (below) adorning this post. E return freight world: France 40, 70 eu europe 80 united states 175, Japan 175 euros. N ote: Private auction, buyer protection.

S ee our other sales. A ll our objects, lighting, and furniture are carefully selected, perfectly authentic, usually in original condition or restored in the rules of art by our workshops. U n full description and detailed boasts a twenty pictures will avoid any surprises, objectivity being put on our ads. P ossibility settlement several times, contact us prior to purchase agreement modality. S torage of the goods up to 60 days for packages, 90 days for furniture, after this charge storage times for parcels, fresh furniture repository for furniture.

T he national and international expeditions hyper secure and monitored (tracking) are every Friday. The packages lying down descriptive ads. F or all payments made until Thursday lunchtime inclusive (French time), the packages are made on Thursday afternoon and only on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning and leave only on Friday morning. T he all shipments are insured for France, consider making verification of it before the person sworn to immediate complaint and request the refund, in case of breakage. T he large objects and furniture not shippable are available throughout France by carrier specializing in antiquity (do not hurry) packages lying down descriptive ads, or make on site from Monday to Saturday by appointment only. C n accordance with the law the purchase can be returned within 14 days from the date of receipt. N o forwarding or refund for the case (or loss) of the post (our only shipping service), all purchases are insured. T he shipments by carrier specializing in antiquity are simply refusing to reception. The item \lamps \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.
  1. daum nancy: 1925 wrought iron chandelier and \
  2. subtype: art deco chandelier <\/ li>
  3. Period: Art Deco <\/ li>
  4. dominant color: brown antique silver and orange and blue <\/ li>
  5. material: wrought iron and glass <\/ li>
  6. Type: chandelier wrought iron and \<\/ Ul>
    1925 Daum Nancy Chandelier Pins Wrought Iron And Pte Glass Art Deco   1925 Daum Nancy Chandelier Pins Wrought Iron And Pte Glass Art Deco